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Anna’s Renaissance Italian 

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Anna’s Renaissance Italian Services

Italian Information for those with a thirst for knowledge

 2020 Italian Fun Website to Entertain -I hope you enjoy it!

Please enjoy Anna’s Renaissance Italian.  This website  exists to make your life easier, stress free and culturally enriching. It is a mix interesting information, works of fiction ( see my essay on what I think Michelangelo was like as a six year old child!), some crazy cooking of very old recipes ( which my family enjoyed immensely I might add)l and some fields that I have engaged in  due to my interests- particularly women , and medicine.

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  You’ll love accessing information old and new - everything Italian!

Ciao xx Anna


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Be sure to click on the main headings on the home page. On the drop down menus more lovely content it available for you to discover!

Thanks for looking at my website. I hope you enjoy browsing the wonderful and varied aspects of culture life and love in the Renaissance. You will see how Renaissance Italy has helped shape and enrich our culture, food, medicine and engineering of today in a way that is recongisably linked in time to these remarkable achievements and inventions. Ciao a tutti! xx Anna 

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